You need help with your divorce. You want help with your divorce...

"Is It Possible...
To Survive A Dirty Divorce With Your Sanity, Parenting, And Your Integrity Intact?"

Dear friend,

The general view is a resounding NO! The entirety of family law and the way it is administered by the courts is to dis-empower men.

It is to literally take from him everything he values and everything he loves (everything that makes him who he is) and then tell him to beg like a dog for the possibility of a treat.


But then the odd occasional surprising thing happens...

divorce familycourt secrets mckenzie friends club

In order to do battle in the Family Court successfully:

  • You need to understand the system.
  • You need to understand the law, procedures, general outcomes, and the process.
  • You need to understand the players: the courts, the lawyers, the psychologists and psychiatrists, and the bureaucrats.
  • You need the best possible information and knowledge about your adversary.

Judge takes girl away from selfish mum and gives her to dad in custody battle

Kay Dibben The Courier-Mail November 29, 2014 12:00AM*

Okay. So, it is possible to get a fair-ish outcome in the Family Court. But. It will be the fight of your life. As one member put it,

Expect her to lie. Expect them to believe her. Expect no fairness. Expect to need mountains of evidence to prove your case. Their goal is to "bleed you dry" and beat you into submission. You'll never see the last of their dirty tricks. It behoves you therefore to be very prepared very early.

Sun Tzu is quoted as saying: "Know thyself, know thy enemy." Going into your fights knowing what you're up against should serve to prepare you not deter you. And your enemy is not just your ex. We now have a massive problem in all of western society in regards to men and the value we place on fatherhood. It is painfully clear to those fighting the courts and those of us helping, that fatherhood is entirely disposable. The courts are not fair to fathers. The courts are not reasonable to fathers. And as much as they pay lip service to it, the courts do not have "children's best interests" in mind.

So you keep fighting and... we will help!

I'm John McGuinness, the founder of
McKenzie Friends Club...

and here's a little bit about me.

I have led an eclectic life doing everything from bottling Coca Cola as a factory hand to negotiating million-dollar investment contracts in the futures markets. I was married, but not divorced. She died of cancer at a very young (for me) age. Therefore I have no particular axe to grind with the Family Court.

So how did I become involved and what makes me an 'expert' in this?

I had been working for an international human rights organisation for 7 years dealing with the law as a human rights advocate or McKenzie Friend mostly in Australia. I have made numerous presentations to Parliamentary Committees as well as written presentations to the Parliaments of New South Wales, and Commonwealth of Australia.

I started helping people caught up in the mental health system to get a fair deal and where necessary proper medical treatment instead of debilitating psychiatric treatments. While still working with this human rights organisation, I got calls from dads who were being screwed in the family courts by these same reports and testimony. Usually they had no idea about how to handle these psychiatric reports and testimony and would lose custody or access to their own kids because some psychiatrist, psychologist or social worker said so. By the time I got told about it, it was usually too late to get things changed. Once the report is written and accepted as evidence, it is very difficult to get it unwritten or rewritten. These guys needed to know what to do BEFORE they agreed to a family report or an 'expert report'. So where I could, I advised guys to do what you have in the training section of the club. I wrote a how-to book called,

Real answers and real help with your divorce.

A lot of men go into divorce thinking that they have all sorts of rights - which they don't get. Some even believe the feminist propaganda that men have all of the power. Some guys keep on with some sort of super benevolent attitude that they will be kind toward their wife's needs. What they find out is that their wife's needs become demands and that without proper preparations for a fight they are left POWERLESS.

"The family court is an adversarial system..."
which means somebody wins and somebody loses.

There are three players and two winners in this legal game. The only real winner is the legal system. Then one of the parties wins what’s left and the other party loses.

We here at Family Court Secrets have been very busy for the last 12 months creating a society that gives you real help with your case in the Family Court. It's a private, exclusive club for divorced and divorcing men, with or without children. We've called this society McKenzie Friends Club.

So, What is a McKenzie Friend?
A McKenzie friend assists a litigant in person in a common law court. This person does not need to be legally qualified. The litigants in person are entitled to have assistance, lay or professional, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

— Wikipedia 2014

What You Can Expect From McKenzie Friends Club:

Certainty, Clarity, Understanding & Courage

What have our members learned from the information in this club?

  • They have learned what will maximize their odds of prevailing.
  • They have learned to look at their dispute as a war.
  • To look at the courthouse as a battlefield and to understand that this is the most vicious, legal, economic, and emotional war they are likely to ever fight.
  • They've realized that the stakes are as high as they get. What is more important than the life of your child?
  • They've also realized that if they fail to gain victory for themselves and their children, a vindictive mother with the worst of motivations will rule and likely ruin the life of those innocent children.

Join the Club

McKenzie Friends Club

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McKenzie Friends Club as an exclusive paid membership society provides:

  • Real practical help for you to get a better outcome for yourself and your kids
  • A private, exclusive club: a very private space for men to meet, collaborate, strategize, team up, become the “shock and awe” offensive in the court to get the real “best interests” of their children and find and implement political solutions.
  • MyCase a complete legal case management system, used by solicitors, legal aid and community legal centres.
  • Online secure journal — MyCase — specifically designed for Family Court rules of evidence
  • Private secure online forums
  • Wiki — legal definitions and how-to’s in plain english. Members have full editing rights with the Wiki, so you can add your own entries and edit others.
  • Family Court Master Class — A complete online course that teaches you every aspect in dealing with your divorce. We’re constantly adding new important information and training to the Family Court Master Class. Our goal is to have the most comprehensive, practical, plain english training available for you.
  • Private secure online chat
  • Bank Grade Security from login to leaving.

Your family court case will be under your control.

You will be more certain and confident in dealing with the family courts with the help, advice and support from your exclusive McKenzie Friends Club membership.

Here's just some of what you get as a Member:

Family Court Master Class
Value: $97 per month. Included FREE in Membership.

Knowledge is power and with the knowledge you will gain, you will have the power to more effectively advocate for yourself and for the children whom you love. We will help you to see the pitfalls and traps. Traps that you may never be able to get out of and will require you to live with for the rest of yours’ and your children’s lives, unless you handle the situations correctly from the very beginning.

Our online course “Family Court Master Class” teaches you how to play the family court game with some of the rules and where to find all of them, plus how-to’s, tips, traps and tricks, to get you up to speed as soon as possible. “Family Court Master Class” will show you what to say and what to do to protect yourself and your children in the family courts especially if you are representing yourself.

Here are some of the strategies you will discover inside the McKenzie Friends Club Family Court Master Class:

  • An immediate check-list of steps to take to safeguard your own and your children’s interests.
  • Strategies for your financial issues
  • Strategies for Residence, Care and Access for your children in their best interests.
  • How to document your case and why using MyCase – your own 100% secure online journal.
  • Gathering evidence
  • How to write Affidavits
  • Dress for Success in Court and Why
  • Hiring a Lawyer – How to Find an Effective One
  • Evaluating Your Lawyer
  • Negotiating Fees
  • Working With Your Lawyer
  • Instructing Your Lawyer
  • Representing Yourself in Court
  • The Family Court Process and What To Do In Each Phase
  • Family Court Orders for Residence, Contact, Specific Issues
  • Directions Hearings and What to Do
  • What Happens at Trial
  • How to deal with Psychiatric or Psychological “Experts” and their reports.

Join the Club

McKenzie Friends Club

Get Started Today

McKenzie Friends Club provides real world “How NOT to get screwed” training, intel and collaboration for divorcing / divorced dads / men and their children.

Value: $197 per month. Included FREE in membership.

Imagine having all of your case information neatly organised, in one central location, available for viewing from anywhere at any time. Your MyCase dashboards reveal all of your critical information at a glance in concise, simple and easy-to-use formats.

Get to the heart of your case!

MyCase is the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, cloud-based legal case management software. Designed by a clinician, for clinicians, MyCase has been developed specifically for the legal profession.

Stay completely organised with your total case management system, MyCase.

MyCase organises all of your information by case. See all the crucial information for each case organised for easy access. Each case collects the contacts, meetings, tasks, notes, and documents specific to that case. Never hunt for information related to your cases again; one click will show you all the important details.

Stay on top of your deadlines and priorities:

Ensure all key tasks and deadlines are captured and managed using work-flow calendaring. Tasks and appointments can be securely shared with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or any iCal system.

It is intuitive and enjoyable to use, which maximises your experience and productivity.

Maintain total control of your cases with our powerful tasks:

Create a complete secure electronic file of your entire case.
View comprehensive case information on one screen
Case Notes
Document Management – Easy uploading of documents, images, videos.
Contacts and Roles Management

My primary objective in creating McKenzie Friends Club is to give you the information and help you need to get the best outcome for you and your children.

It's my goal here at McKenzie Friends Club to get you (and all our members) to a very high standard in arguing your case (case theory, submissions, affidavits, evidence, precedents etc.), because every case won sets a precedent and is one step closer to systemic reform in the Family Court.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy of our members is and always will be paramount at McKenzie Friends Club. We’ve gone to great lengths to protect your data and your privacy so you can be free to meet, collaborate, strategize, team up, share intel, become the “shock and awe” offensive in the court to get the real “best interests” of your children and find and implement political solutions.

Cutting-edge international multi-jurisdiction privacy protection for you.

The reason for this is to dissuade any litigants from trying to bypass the party who is a member of our club and attempt to subpoena the site or company directly for information, records or documents.

We want to make this as difficult and expensive as possible to these litigants and courts.

McKenzie Friends Club is hosted overseas in Hong Kong. Why?

Hosting there makes it almost impossible for the courts and governments of Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA to demand that it be taken down or that they be given access to the site or its contents. Court orders, especially Family Court orders against third parties are not enforceable there. is of course registered in the USA, with a private registration so again it’s almost impossible for Australian, New Zealand or the UK courts and authorities to get the site taken down or get access to it or the contents.

McKenzie Friends Club uses Dalpay to process credit card member payments as another part of our cutting-edge international multi-jurisdiction privacy protection for you. Dalpay is based in Iceland a country now renowned for its stance on freedom of speech and human rights.

The company that owns the domain, server and site is domiciled in a country renowned for privacy which again makes it very very difficult for Family Court orders to be enforced there.

In all cases above, they or your ex’s lawyers would have to start all over again in that country’s court system, using local lawyers etc. to get it done.

So in effect McKenzie Friends Club is untouchable. It’s almost impossible to get your data without your knowledge and consent.

If in the unlikely event that anyone can get that far in those court systems, we have a Plan B that will ensure your privacy and the security of your information.

Bank Grade Security

We rigorously ensure that your information and privacy is secure. You connections to McKenzie Friends Club are of course encrypted just like your connection to your online bank account.

So in the end, just like Vegas, anything said or done in McKenzie Friends Club stays in McKenzie Friends Club.


The McKenzie Friends Club Security and Privacy policies and procedures do not allow us to identify in any way any of our members and under the Australian Family Law Act 1975 we're not allowed to publish anything that would possibly identify any party or witness in a Family Court proceeding. But here's what some of our members are saying.


I recently received the invitation and want to accept it and make a contribution to this site. I like your goal of “Making positive changes to the Family Court System”.

- Member, McKenzie Friends Club

...very helpful for me, and unfortunately complete truth. I'm in the middle of the battle and almost lost my job. She kicked me out of house, stole children and all furniture, made allegation that I'm danger for kids and that is why they can't sleep over at my place. And from her affidavit it is obvious she is doing it all for the money.

- Member, McKenzie Friends Club

Hi John, Thank you very much for your help, it worked. Congratulations on your work, it's great to have you on our side.

- Member, McKenzie Friends Club

Dear Sir. Thankyou very much I am now more informed and a lot happier. "Again" Thankyou very much. Kind Regards

- Member, McKenzie Friends Club

Thanks for the cross examination section in master class. This is a vitally important fact I did not know.

- Member, McKenzie Friends Club

A good resource for fathers and husbands going through divorce proceedings.

- Member, McKenzie Friends Club

Thanks for sharing detail information regarding divorce. You have explained everything properly.

- Member, McKenzie Friends Club

I am looking forward to reading this, I have not seen my children for 18 months.

- Member, McKenzie Friends Club

So how do I join this private exclusive club?

Here is YOUR special invitation to join us and other dads who have ‘figured out’ as one member put it, “I really can do something about my divorce to get the best outcome possible for my kids and me.”

Total value $671 per month! Yours FREE as a member.

  • Family Court Master Class

    $97 per month Value.

    Constantly updated with new tutorials.

    Full training on how to conduct your case. How to present your case in the most persuasive way possible.  How to win your case.

  • MyCase

    $197 per month Value.

    Your case, under your control. Always accessible. Your lawyer won’t be able to organise it any better. It’s the same case management / practice management software they use.

  • Wiki, Groups, Divorce Consulting and Forums

    $377 per month Value.

    Stay up to date with the latest changes to Family Law and refined case themes both parental and financial, so you can win!

When you acknowledge everything that you get as a Member, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a bargain compared to what it would cost you to amass the same treasure trove of insider knowledge and help that you have instant access to here.

Solicitors charge an average of $220.00 per hour to give legal advice but that advice is tempered by the fact that their first duty is to the Court, not you.

Just one pitfall avoided… or one actionable idea… or just one contact with one of our mentors or members can repay your Membership many times over. It could literally save you 1000's in legal fees alone, not to mention cutting down the massive stress.

Joining the club is an easy and straightforward process.

When you click on the button below, you’ll be taken to a secure order page for your credit card information. We use a third party secure processing company (Dalpay) so your order information is kept completely confidential — only Dalpay and your credit card company access the information.

Your order is processed immediately, and you’ll get an email receipt for your membership with a transaction number and a link to where you can login to McKenzie Friends Club right away and another email receipt from Dalpay with important information in it.

The whole process takes just a few minutes and you’ll be accessing all of the benefits of the club in less than 10-minutes from right now.

If you're worried that once signed up, you can't get out. Or that you'll be billed forever...

Cancelling your membership is easy.

And you can do that directly with Dalpay. We have no say in the matter.

Let me show you how.

Order Support section of your Dalpay receipt email.

Find that section in any of your Dalpay receipt emails.

Click on the Login link.

Sign into Dalpay with the order number and security code.

Click on the link to cancel there.

That's it. You're done. No more charges.

AND you'll still be able to access everything on the site until your current month finishes.

Plus our 30 Day Guarantee below. Can't be fairer than that.

30 Day Guarantee

If you show up, learn, and apply the Family Court Master Class, use MyCase to manage your matter, ask for help when you need it and put in a good-faith effort, we will not keep your money if it doesn’t work for you.

You have to let us know if this happens. Simply cancel your membership in your dashboard, submit a support ticket or e-mail [email protected] and we will refund your money promptly. You have 30 days to succeed before we return your money.

“Get Started Now…”

Take positive action right now, or the very thing you fear most can come true, and your situation can become hopeless.

An online legal case management system as used by solicitors and barristers, like MyCase,  alone, costs on average $200 per month per person.

Protection for you and your kids for less than $1.22 a day!

Okay, that's a bit sales-y. But the truth is, you join, you get a huge leg up on your case. You get what works. You get the intel on who you're up against. You get the collaboration of mentors and members. And you get a plan.

The fact is if you are not following your own plan, you are most assuredly following someone else's.


Either squander tens of thousands of dollars handing control over to your lawyers, experience the sheer frustration of many false avenues and waste hundreds of hours doing your own due diligence, when representing yourself…

Yes! I'm joining McKenzie Friends Club.

I understand that I will receive instant access to:

  • The complete MyCase case management system, a secure online legal case management system as used by solicitors and barristers. This alone costs on average $197 per month per lawyer.
  • Family Court Master Class to help me become the “shock and awe” offensive in the court to get the real “best interests” of my children,
  • legal resources,
  • a secure private forum and chat, to meet, strategize, team up and find and implement political solutions.
  • and real world “How NOT to get screwed” training, intel and collaboration!

And No Lock-in Contracts.

I understand that if my circumstances change or I’ve changed my mind, I can quit at any time. With your guarantee as well, I have a no-risk opportunity to be part of a private club helping Dads just like me to win fairer and better outcomes in the Family Court. I’m ready!

$37 per month

Less than $1.22 a day!

Get Started Today!

So what would be a shrewd move for you, right now?

Simply apply to become a privileged Member of The McKenzie Friends Club, where I’ve already done all that costly, time-consuming, energy-sapping research for you. When you join us today as a Member of the club, you’ll enjoy instant access to the closely guarded secrets I’ve listed above that would cost you thousands of dollars, and many hours of your precious time to ferret out for yourself, all for a deeply discounted subscription price.

You'll notice I didn't do a big build-up to justify the price. That's because, I'm sure you'll agree that the cost of Membership is a drop in the ocean compared with the massive cost and lead time of doing it yourself.

I’m sure you’re shrewd enough to see that The McKenzie Friends Club is the ideal solution to help you safely, securely and legally become the best advocate for your kids and their future.

That said, I’m really looking forward to welcoming you as our newest valued Member and sharing with you the amazing treasure trove of knowledge awaiting you inside.


family court secrets john mcguinness

John McGuinness McKenzie Friend and Founder, McKenzie Friends Club

P.S. Why not start as you mean to go on, being the best advocate you can be for your kids and their future. What’s more, the sooner you’re accepted as a Member of the club, the sooner you’ll be ready to take control of your divorce and life.

P.P.S. Because I’m offering you such a substantial discount I cannot guarantee to hold it beyond the deadline above. This isn't some fake scarcity offer or gimmick. So why not go ahead and click the button above, right now, while it’s fresh in your mind? You won't regret it.

* Kay Dibben The Courier-Mail November 29, 2014 12:00AM

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The Family Court is
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Get the right people
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7 Strategies to Get a Father Friendly Lawyer.

It’s one of the most important decisions
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The Family Court is
a battlefield!
Get the right people
on your side....

Get our free

7 Strategies to Get a Father Friendly Lawyer.

It’s one of the most important decisions
you’ll make in your divorce!

We value your privacy and would never spam you